Q: What are the payment options available?

A: You can pay via Debit / Credit Cards and Net banking. You can also pay through Paypal.

Q: What should I do If my transaction fails?

A: You will get an auto-generated email of the failed transaction. You will have to make sure that the information passed onto the payment gateway is accurate, i.e. account details, billing address, password (in case of net banking).If your account has been debited after a payment failure, the money will be rolled back, after confirmation from the bank. It will take about 7-10 business days for the refund to reach your account.  You can get in touch with us with your order number, or send an email to barraid77@gmail.com for clarifications. Please recheck, if you have given your card details correctly. If so, please contact your bank and explain that you are trying to purchase from an online store. Your bank might have blocked your card for security issues.

Q: What is your Shipping Policy?


A: We endeavor to deliver your chosen merchandise at the earliest. We have partnered with trustworthy logistics partners and shipping agents, which ensures absolutely secure delivery. For details,


Q: Why do I see 5-10 days dispatch time on the product page, then?

A:What you see on product page is the Dispatch Time. It refers to the time we take to procure, finish and customize your chosen merchandise. In case of Finished products, delivery time may reduce to 3 to 5 days depending upon location of delivery and sometime availability of the products. Once you purchase an item its been processed to procurement procedure. This procedure may take 3 to 5 hours. Meanwhile you can cancel your order if you wish to. Once the procurement procedure started the option of cancellation of your purchase wold not be there. And then we dispatch your product, it is handed over to our shipping partners (courier agents).


Q: Why should I choose to buy from Barraid.com?

A: Barraid.com rests on the cornerstones of high quality, authenticity, consistent market research and great customer support. It ensures that customers get the best – in quality, service and products. The products delivered with valid invoice with GST no. and the guarantee/warrantee with the unit or company of the products. 


Q: Can I trust Barraid.com ?

A: Barraid.com is a 100% trustworthy platform. We will never leech your money. Barraid.com's insistence on great quality and absolute customer delight differentiates it from the sea of e-commerce platforms.

Q: Barraid.com ships to which countries?

A: Barraid.com offers shipping facility in India only. Since we are at a very initial stage of incorporation in the e-commerce business, we need some time to spread our wings internationally. Till then we would offer our best business internally within our boundaries of our country.


Q: How would I know the shipping cost on my selected product/s?

A: You will get to know of the applicable shipping charges from the “product page” of your chosen product itself. When you open the page to view a product on our website, you will see the tab “Know Shipping Charge” on the right. The drop-down menu will reveal the state’s options. Once you select your state, you will be able to to see the applicable shipping charges for that product.


Q: When do I pay for shipping?

A: The shipping cost will be added to the total payment details, once you fill in your address at the product page. You can, thus, pay for shipping, along with the cost of your selected product.

Q: What if I have booked an order, but I like something else, and want to change my order?

A: You can change your order, within 2-5 hours of booking it, before it goes ahead for procurement. You can select a different product, and we will adjust the financials accordingly. Orders sent ahead for ‘procurement’ cannot be changed or cancelled.


Q: How do I get in touch with your team?

A: Please email us at barraid77@gmail.com for any concerns. You may also call us at 919868107595. Leave us your concern, name and number on email, and we can also get in touch with you. 


Q: What is the shipping time?

A: Shipping time refers to the time your merchandise reaches your doorstep (or chosen location) from the day of your order. It is variable and depends on location, product and customization level. However, we try to ensure that shipping time doesn’t exceed 21 days from the date of your order.


Q: How much are the shipping charges?

A: There are very nominal shipping charges for normal delivery to almost all locations within India. The shipping charges vary as per shipment, product weight and delivery location (destination).


Q: Can my product be shipped to a location other than the billing address?

A: Yes, it can be done. Please mention different Shipping and Billing addresses, while buying.